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Weight-Loss Challenge: Week THREE Update

While this week was far from perfect, it was definitely better. I am proud to say I lost 2.6 lbs this week for a total weight loss of 7. 4 lbs. I don’t feel “skinny” yet but I am happy that the number on the scale continues to go down. I do wish I was shrinking quicker. We are never happy right? I need to remember that weight loss as a result of making small healthy changes means more moderate but permanent results. That is what I want, to keep the weight off for a life time. I also want to create habits I can comfortably maintain. I don’t know about you but I can’t live on “cabbage soup” or “lemonade” for very long. Eventually I am going to want real food!! Here are some of my yummy but very real and normal meals I had this week. 8 oz OJ, 1/2 banana, 1 cup non-fat Dannon Light Yogart and 1/2 cup blue berries= 316 calories

8 oz. Almond Milk, 1/4 cup blueberries, 1/2 banana, 2 scoups protien shake powder=  116 calories

1/2 sandwich (1 slice double fiber orowheat bread, 1slice pepper jack …

Mellow Monday

The kids made it to school on time and I have six whole hours before I have to start the afternoon pick up. It’s just me and the cat. I need to finish a few loads of laundry, clean the kitchen and maybe watch some Live with Kelly. I will also plan my meals for this week. This should help me save $$$ and make heathier meals. My weekly weight-loss update posted late on Friday, if you missed it, check it out.  I will post every Friday until the challenge ends December 21st. I added a cost analysis to my San Francisco post since a few of you really liked how I priced out my Santa Cruz trip. I will be sure to do this every time I post about travel from now on. Happy Monday. I hope your week is already off to great start. If not, there is still time to turn it around.

Weight-Loss Challange: Week TWO update

This week has been rough so I am going to get straight to the point. Here it is the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The Good: I DID NOT gain weight. I pulled myself together for just enough days this week that I was able to keep off the weight I lost last week. In fact, I lost .6 pounds. I am pretty proud of this because it was a tough week for me. Here is a lunch I packed on one of my good days. The Bad: I logged NO physical activity this week. I also went over my calories on Friday and BIG TIME on Saturday. Saturday I had a baby shower and I totally pigged out on chow mien, drank two cups of yummy ice cream & soda filled punch and still let myself have a cupcake. I went over my calorie intake by 750 that day. It was hard to recover from these two bad days. I felt yucky physically and was mad at myself for being such an oinker. How could I do so awesome the first week then totally blow it? Ughhhhh. The Ugly: I have been stressed out all week. I am counting every nickel and dime; thank …

San Francisco in a Day

I have loved San Francisco ever since I was a kid. I love the cool air, the ocean-side views, the food, the stores, the many different and unique neighborhoods and so much more.I especially love walking around pier 39. This is usually where I go when I hit the city. The smell of the salt water, fish, clam chowder and the freshly baked sour dough bread that does not taste better anywhere else on earth makes my heart skip a beat. I make the short drive over to the city by the bay every chance I get. Luckily my not so little anymore cousin loves San Francisco just as much as I do.When deciding what to do with our one full day together this past Monday, there was only one choice! This trip did not go as smoothly as all of my other trips to San Francisco but it was still fun and totally worth it. Traffic was crazy so we decided to take the Bart part of the way in. We had to try two different Bart stations and three different parking lots before we were able to find a spot to park.

After an …

Weight-Loss Challenge: Week One Update

The first week of my weight-loss challenge is over! I weighed in this morning and lost a total of 4.2 lbs. I am loving the myfitnesspal app. At first I was not so sure about it because I have used other apps with way more options but I didn’t really use them consistently. This is probably because they had so many options. Myfitness pal is simple to use in every way. I logged in daily and having the phone app is really helpful. I ALWAYS have my phone on me which means no writing things down then having to remember to add it all up later. Every day was different. Some days it was easy to stay within my calorie limit and others it was really hard! Knowing that someone was going to see how I did each day gave me that little extra incentive to stay on track. There were a few days where I logged my food and was in the red. So, I exercised until I was back in the green.This helped me balance out my day but I still felt kind of crappy and bloated after making poor food choices. This losing we…

My weekend in photos

My cousin is here visitng from West Hollywood. She had a few days off and wanted to get away from the oh so wonderful but hectic LA lifestyle. We are headed to San Fransisco while the kids are at school so, today's post is short and sweet!!!

Here is my weekend in photos. I made this with my new PhotoFancie app.
It was a great weekend. Lunch in Sac with friends on Friday, a walk to our lakeside comunity pool for a swim (you can see Greg a million steps ahead of me), garage sale-ing, lunch with my mom & cousin and last night a walk along the water. Off to SF. Have a wonderful Monday!

Weight-Loss Challange: It all begins TODAY!

I have been “trying” to lose weight for I don’t know, two years maybe! Okay maybe it is more like my whole life. It has been really hard. Eating healthy and exercising is particularly hard when you commute. I started commuting in 2010. I packed on the pounds quickly after I started commuting. The fact that I was not really all that skinny to begin with sure didn’t help. I have a hard time remembering to pack my lunch, I am too tired when I finally get home to work out and I feel guilty taking off to go the gym when I haven’t seen my boys all day. I also hear that commuting itself may lead to weight gain. I have not researched this just yet but I know it causes stress.  My whole body tenses up as I watch the person behind me nearly smash into my car because they are not paying attention to the road and the long line of cars starting to slow down in front of us. I think a big part of why losing weight has been so hard for me is that I don’t have anyone to do it with. The brief time that …

Mooooom Stop Your Embarrassing Me

Last week I was on top of the world when I learned that teens said Dads were more embarrassing than Moms were. Well, my bubble quickly burst when my sons found out about my bragging.
Apparently, I am still pretty dang embarrassing. Here are the top five reasons I am still very embarrassing according to my sons (well one of them anyways) in no particular order and in their (his) own words. 
1.You dance horribly and out of nowhere 2.You sing off key and CONSTANTLY 3.You treat me like a child and I am 14! 4.You love me WAY too much & say lots of lovey dovey stuff 5.Sometimes, you talk too much
Of course I asked them both if there was anything I could change to be a little less embarrassing. The response was, "Nope, cus then you wouldn't be you and you’re pretty cool!" and "You're not really that embarrasing."
My sons are cool too! I know I embarrass them way more than they would like to admit. I am pretty sure they don't want to hurt my feelings. I embarrass m…

Couponing: Getting Better at it!

I blogged about cutting coupons recently because I was not sure what to write about that day, so I wrote about my trip to the store with coupons. It remains one of my most popular posts and I have actually had people request to see more examples of my trips to the store.

I am still far from being a pro but I really need to cut back on my spending somewhere so I am going to keep couponing. I figure I will only get better and maybe one day I will walk out of the store with a free item or a CRAZY amount of food (like $500 worth) for under $10 bucks. Wouldn’t that be awesome, wish me luck. Here is what I got a Raley’s this weekend: When Chris asked for Fruit Loops, I quickly remembered that Raley’s had the boxes for $1.99 and that I had a coupon. How did I know? I was looking through my ads saturday night. I know how sad. Note: The boys are only allowed to eat cereal on the weekends and we were out so I was going to have to purchase cereal anyways.

I only paid $6.96 for three boxes of cerea…