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Really Mom?

My days can be very long sometimes. Often by the end of the day my mind is a gooey mess, like melting jello. Green melting jello. At least that's how I envision it. This leads to a lot of misspoken words.

The other night I was driving my kids home from a youth event. The car behind me had very bright lights. I think they were those new halogen lights or something. I looked in my rear view mirror and felt like I was staring into the sun. Which lead to this conversation;
Me: Those brights are light!!!
My son: What?
Me(with confidence): Those brights are light, I can't see!!!
My son: Did you REALLY get a full scholarship to college? Sometimes I kinda find that hard to believe.  

Sometimes that's hard for me to believe too. At one point in my life I was extremely smart, or so I was told. Now, I find that my vocabulary is lacking, my memory is failing and I feel like my brain is on Dial-up. So please forgive me if you pass me in the mall and I look at you like I don't know who …

Child Support: It's about time!!

As I was sitting there in front of the woman who was helping me, I felt a little embarrassed that it had taken me SO long to take this step. She looked down at the paper and said, “This form is so old I’m having a little trouble reading it” I just looked at her and smiled “yeah I know” then she said “How old are your kids now?”“13 and 14” I said. As I said that, I felt proud of my boys, sad that it I had not done this for them sooner and mad that I needed to. These feelings were a little overwhelming. I was trying hard to hold back my tears, but when she looked in my eyes, I think she could see the tears trying to break free.
I finally had the information; confidence and time go down to the pro-per clinic to file for wage garnishment of child support payments. It was a good thing I went to get help because the way I was going about filing was all wrong. SO now, I am requesting a modification first then getting back pay.
I left the office feeling quite proud of myself and glad that I…

JustJenny Gets Started

I have recently taken a job out of town and the long commute has meant that I no longer work and play with my long time friends. This past year I have had more than a handful of friends tell me "I miss your stories". I was offended at first because they were not "stories" at all just me sharing something that ACTUALLY happened to me. The more I thought about it the more I realized that I am a lot more honest than the average person when it comes to my daily life and possibly a little more entertaining. My friends feel like they are missing something because they came to rely on my daily drama to put a little excitement in their lives. I also need to share my "stories". I love my new job and the opportunities it provides but it's not the same as working in the city I love with people I know. This lack of daily contact with friends and co-workers my age has lead me to finally start my own blog.
Since this is my first blogging experience, I plan to keep …