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Update Old or Used Cloths: Removing Sweater Fuzzies

As you know from previous posts, I buy used cloths at garage sales. I also like to host clothing swaps (Naked Lady Parties) from time to time and I get great hand-me-downs from my wonderful friends. Needless to say, I am getting pretty good at giving old cloths a new life!!

I have two great sweaters that were passed on to me from a dear friend. Yes, this is the same friend that gave me that great skirt.

Here's how I got rid of the fuzzies and made these sweaters look great and more importantly wearable again :)

First I tried using masking tape. This usually works for most fabrics but as you can see it did little damage to my armpit fuzzie problem on this wool sweater.

It looks better but still plenty of little balls around the arm pits.

So next I took a disposable razor to it. I sweep it along the fabric, basically "trimming" off the fuzzies.

Then I went over it with a lint roller to pick up the residue.

                       Much Better!!! Here is a before and after …

Weight Loss Challenge: Week SEVEN update (LATE POST)

I did weigh in on Friday and guess what? I stayed the same for the second week in a row. This week I think I will really need to push myself to see a loss. I have about 24 more pounds to go to meet my goal which means I need to lose about 3 pounds a week from here on out. I have decided to step things up a bit in order to push through my plateau. Here is what I am going to do 1.LOG EVERYTHING EVERY DAY. I have been a little lax on this. I will be sure to track every little bite so I can more accurately assess how I am doing and what I need to change next week.
2.STEP IT UP A NOTCH. I have been active but I have been doing pretty leisurely walks. I will jog at least 2 times this week and add one more intense activity. I am thinking dancing or Zumba.

3.ADD MORE DAILY ACTIVITY. What I mean by this is that in addition to actually working out I will take every opportunity to be more active in my daily life. I can walk to the store that is less than a mile from my house when I need to get a gal…

Weight-loss Challenge: week SIX update

I maintained my weight! No loss no gain.Guess it's better than a gain. I think I have officially reached my plateau!!

I finally used one of the frozen meals I made in week two . I had one of those mornings. You know, the one where you wake up late, barley make it in the shower and forget to wash the kids gym clothes.  We made it to school on time but I had no time to make my lunch so i grabbed my pre made frozen meal.

Having the item and amounts written on the container helped my track my food on my myfitnesspal app.

I also had another meal pre packed from last weeks left overs I was able to use on another hectic day.

This worked out so well I am going to pre make some more meals this weekend. This one actually had stuff from three different meals but they all worked well togather.

Week SIX Goals:

1) log 180 minutes of activity

2) Decrease average weekly calorie intake

3) Continue to manage my stress & balance my life by taking it "One thing at a time"

Weight-Loss Challange: Week FIVE Update

Yes I know I am late on my weigh-in. Sorry about that. Last week was crazy!! So crazy I never got a chance to sit down and blog about the weight-loss challenge. I also had a hectic and stressful weekend full of not good things but somehow I managed to refrain from using food as comfort as much as I normally would. The only down side to this is that it means I actually stopped doing the million things I had on my list, climbed in bed, cried a little then slept. But you know what, today I feel great! It’s okay to let our feelings out from time to time. I am so guilty of always trying to put on a happy face and not letting anything phase me. The truth is sometimes I just push stuff aside instead of dealing with it. Then I start worrying on the inside or start stress eating. I am starting to think this is worse than just letting myself get a little sad or upset from time to time. I quickly get over it anyways and am back to the happy fun Jenny I like to be in no time. I am back to walking r…

Weight-loss Challenge: Week FOUR Update

Week four is over. It was bitter sweet! I meet my three goals for the week. I am finally drinking 8 cups of water each day, I did more than 180 minutes of activity for the week and I am consistently keeping track of why I eat and how I feel. Despite all this good behavior, I gained 1.6 pounds. I am very disappointed. Normally at this point in my weight loss efforts I would say, “Screw it!! What’s the point? I am done!” Not this time. I made a committment to do this challenge until Christmas and I have people watching me. So I will press on. The good news is I still weigh less than I did when I started. I also feel great. I have been getting a lot of compliments on how healthy I look and a few people have noticed that I have shed a few pounds even though I don’t see it. I have read that being fully hydrated is an essential part of your weight-loss efforts but it may result in the scale going up a bit. Also building muscle may result in a leaner looking body but you may not see the scale …

Birds of a feather flock togather: Helping teens pick good friends

As a kid I always remember my parent’s saying “Birds of a feather flock together” or “If your friends jump off a cliff are you going to do it?” I dreaded these conversations.  I would never jump off a cliff unless there was water underneath it, I am not an idiot! I am not sure what they said after these opening clichés because I think I just tuned them out. I’m sure it was a bunch of great stuff, my parents are pretty awesome but again, I didn’t hear it. I do however remember them talking to me about the importance of picking “good” friends, which is what I think they were trying to get at with those terrible clichés. Many adults in my parent’s generation emphasized the importance of hanging out with kids from “good families”. Back then a good family was a Mom, a Dad and kids from those same two parents that went to church. 

As an older child and teeneager I can remember adults around me whispering “they got divorced” or “those aren’t really his kids that’s why they are so bad”.  I don&…