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Mooooom Stop Your Embarrassing Me

Last week I was on top of the world when I learned that teens said Dads were more embarrassing than Moms were. Well, my bubble quickly burst when my sons found out about my bragging.

Apparently, I am still pretty dang embarrassing. Here are the top five reasons I am still very embarrassing according to my sons (well one of them anyways) in no particular order and in their (his) own words. 

1.      You dance horribly and out of nowhere
2.      You sing off key and CONSTANTLY
3.      You treat me like a child and I am 14!
4.      You love me WAY too much & say lots of lovey dovey stuff
5.      Sometimes, you talk too much

Of course I asked them both if there was anything I could change to be a little less embarrassing. The response was, "Nope, cus then you wouldn't be you and you’re pretty cool!" and "You're not really that embarrasing."

My sons are cool too! I know I embarrass them way more than they would like to admit. I am pretty sure they don't want to hurt my feelings. I embarrass my self, so how can I not embarrass them. Luckily they never hold any grudges against me and are pretty quick to just laugh it off. 

Here is my list of things I have done or do that I think may embarrass my boys.

1.      Volunteer in their classes (I am one of the few parent's that steps on the high school campus)
2.      Go on field trips (again, who else wants to hang with a bunch of hormonal teens)
3.      Pick them up from school bumping "Tupac" or "Prince"
4.      Go with them to rated R movies (if they are going to see it they are going to see it with me and be uncomfortable!)
5.      I  get bad or "teenager's" hair cut
6.      I wear thongs
7.      I spill food on myself when we go out to eat
8.      I ask too many questions about my food when we go out to eat
9.      I trip on stuff a lot
10.  I say, "Oh she's cute" "Don't you think she's cute?" (my ex husband never liked that either)
11.  I use 90's slang way too much. What? Really? Get over it home skillet. I know I am all that and a bag of chips so just chill!

At what age do you think kids stop seeing us as perfect and start to get a little embarrassed of their mommies?  


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