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Saving My Boys from a Life of Top Ramen

Cooking is something I have always loved to do with my boys. When they were still in diapers and using two word sentences, they would jump up on a chair the second they saw me start to make something in the kitchen. In fact they didn't even have to see me, they could hear the fridge or kitchen drawers open from the other room and they would come running. We baked cookies, brownies, cakes and even made some real food sometimes.

These days I'd have to pass out and knock down several dishes along the way before they'd notice that I was even in the kitchen. This should upset me, but it doesn't. How could they possibly hear me over the Xbox, Wii, TV and the loud rock/rap music (the type of music depends on which kid we are talking about) blasting in their ears. Oh wait I forgot about YouTube, texting, girls and the spare teenage boys, I did not give birth too but I chauffer around and feed, hanging out in the living room. With so much going on the boys don't even think…

Hello 2012

I have a love hate relationship with New Year’s Resolutions. The number of pounds I resolve to lose each year seams to increase, not decrease, annually and saving for that BMW I wanted decades ago is no longer appealing to me.I do however LOVE to plan. I love to fill sticky notes, planners and journals with lists, goals, dreams, wants, thoughts, you get the idea.However, I find that there is no longer a common thread in my daily, monthly and yearly plans. I have always been a planner. Did I mention I LOVE to PLAN! It’s been awhile since I have had a 5 year plan. I am not going to make one today because I feel like my life is in transition, again. Interesting, because career wise I am probably more stable than I ever have been. What’s different? My priorities, I guess! That is why I haven’t created a five year plan in a while. When you don’t care about Money, fancy cars or acquiring “things”, what do you “resolve” to do or plan for?This causes a major problem because I feel a little los…