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Weight-Loss Challange: It all begins TODAY!

I have been “trying” to lose weight for I don’t know, two years maybe! Okay maybe it is more like my whole life. It has been really hard. Eating healthy and exercising is particularly hard when you commute.  I started commuting in 2010. I packed on the pounds quickly after I started commuting. The fact that I was not really all that skinny to begin with sure didn’t help.
I have a hard time remembering to pack my lunch, I am too tired when I finally get home to work out and I feel guilty taking off to go the gym when I haven’t seen my boys all day. I also hear that commuting itself may lead to weight gain. I have not researched this just yet but I know it causes stress.  My whole body tenses up as I watch the person behind me nearly smash into my car because they are not paying attention to the road and the long line of cars starting to slow down in front of us.
I think a big part of why losing weight has been so hard for me is that I don’t have anyone to do it with. The brief time that I was really healthy, active and a size 2 was when I had a good friend/co-worker getting healthier with me. We ate together, worked out together and held each other accountable. I really miss that. I tried to find other workout buddies after that but it never really worked out for a whole host of reason that I will not get into now.
At this point in time, I am really frustrated and sometimes overwhelmed by how hard it has been for me to find some motivation. I know I need to get this under control. I will have more energy, feel better about myself, be a good role model for my kids and finally fit into the tons of cute cloths that I have sitting unused in dusty boxes. Even though I know how great things will be if I get my act togather, I lack motivation.
Guess what, I have finally found it! My motivation that is. I decided to join Journey 2 MILFhood’s weight-loss challenge.  As of today, four girls total have committed to this challenge. It is a virtual support group. I have never met any of these lovely ladies in person but I plan to get to know them over the weekend by visiting their blogs. I am pretty excited about the whole idea and can't wait to see my new body on Christmas day.
Here are the details:
Today is the day it all begins. I have added a weight-loss ticker to my blog. Talk about accountability, yikes!
My goal is to lose over 30lbs by Christmas.
All of the member’s of this challenge, including me, will blog about our weight-loss or lack of it every week.

I will post every friday, which is weigh-in day.

 Wish me Luck!


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Merry Christmas: Journey to milfhoods weight loss Challenge Finale

Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a great time with family and friends.

Today was the big day all the girls in this challenge were working towards. It has been great having people to do this with. It was the motivation i needed.

My ultimate goal is to lose 33 lbs! I will be at me goal weight if i lose this much. Did i lose 33 lbs????????????????? Nope! But you knew that right.

I did lose 10 pounds for Christmas. I am pretty happy about that! I am going to keep going. Right now  I am just trying to maintain through New Years. Then set a new short term goal. 10 pounds at a time seems to Work well for me!!

Here is a before was actually a week or two into my challenge.

After to follow. I took one but it is at work...i got busy on Christmas eve and forgot to email it to myself. Oops.

Enjoy your loved ones a little more today.