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My Fall Wardrobe Challange

As the summer ends and fall approaches I can’t help but want a whole new wardrobe. I am not a very materialistic person. My style is very casual, sometimes sexy, and always simple but I still like to buy new cloths every September. With two teenage boys however, the thought of purchasing new work and weekend cloths for me is very stressful. They are still growing rapidly and I have learned that when your kids are dressed nice, teachers treat them better. Also appearance is very important to teens and I want my sons to look great and feel good about themselves at school. As those of you whom have boys know, they tear through shoes and pants quickly and a couple nights of great sleep can result in overnight increases in height. And while my oldest son LOVES to hang on to and continue to wear his favorite tees, I am not in love with the idea of my teenage son wearing crop tops! So while I would love to go out and buy some great NEW fall pieces, I must set aside as much money as I can for…