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Three is Perfect for ME!!!

Really it is!!!

You would think that after 14 years of raising two sons by myself people would stop asking me things like;

"Are you EVER going to get remarried?"
"Don't you want more kids?"
"Don't you get lonely?"
"Don't you want to "you know" again?'
" You’re pretty cute, nice, fun insert other complementary words here, why are you still single?"

I think this last one may be implying that there must be something WRONG with me but I will assume people just think I am so awesome that they are amazed I haven't been snatched up.

I could go on forever with the enormous list of questions people ask me, all relating to my choice to be single. Don't get me wrong, I am finally open to the idea of dating someone great IF that is what God has in store for me but he would have to be pretty freaking amazing!!!! Why? Because I LOVE my little family of three.  God blessed me with two amazing boys. He snuck my little Christopher in there right before his daddy bailed, for a reason. I don't know what Greg and I would do without him!! Yes, my boys are like night and day, which means they complement each other and me very well. I can't imagine life without them.  I do not feel like there is anything missing!!! 
Finally this year after sending out This photo of me and my boys people get it. How do I know you ask?The phone calls/texts with the, "WOW, you guys look really HAPPY".
We do don't we!
We are greatful for what we have and we love to just lay around and spend time with one another as much as we can. I can't think of anything in this world that could make me happier than my boys.

P.S. I think at a later date I may share why I chose to raise my kidos solo because I get that question ALOT, we'll see.  I am also considering dating in the coming years but not because I have a strong desire to, maybe I'll write about that too.


  1. I'm sure you guys "look" happy because you ARE! :) You are an amazing and strong woman and I don't doubt that you do everything with purpose. You also have a wonderful and supportive family. Happy New Year!

  2. Agreed with Brina. And you don't need a picture to prove it. You are an amazing mom and should give yourself props for doing it solo - b/c even with a partner, being a parent is hard work! You're raising two wonderful boys. Keep on, keepin' on! xoxo AMC


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