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Saving My Boys from a Life of Top Ramen

Cooking is something I have always loved to do with my boys. When they were still in diapers and using two word sentences, they would jump up on a chair the second they saw me start to make something in the kitchen. In fact they didn't even have to see me, they could hear the fridge or kitchen drawers open from the other room and they would come running. We baked cookies, brownies, cakes and even made some real food sometimes.

These days I'd have to pass out and knock down several dishes along the way before they'd notice that I was even in the kitchen. This should upset me, but it doesn't. How could they possibly hear me over the Xbox, Wii, TV and the loud rock/rap music (the type of music depends on which kid we are talking about) blasting in their ears. Oh wait I forgot about YouTube, texting, girls and the spare teenage boys, I did not give birth too but I chauffer around and feed, hanging out in the living room. With so much going on the boys don't even think about "What's for dinner" until their stomachs are growling and their mouth salivating. By this time of course dinner is already on the way.

All of this has me thinking. It won't be long before they are off to college and living on their own. At some point they will surly get tired of cafeteria food and top ramen. And what about when college is over and that great college food plan is no longer available to them? Neither of my boys is in a hurry to get girlfriends and therefore will likely have a few years of single manhood before they have someone to cook and clean for them. Oh wait, I forgot, many young women don't know how to cook either. So it's possible they will have an eternity of fending for themselves.

This has lead to me reinstating an old cooking tradition we had that ended somewhere between the "octopus salad" fiasco and puberty. We took turns picking recipes and cooked together as a family. So, as you may have read in my resolution post, I have decided that this year I will get the boys more involved in food preparation. We will cook together as a family once a month. Actually the boys will cook as I will supervise and document this adventure.

Chris cutting oranges many years ago :)


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