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Hello 2012

I have a love hate relationship with New Year’s Resolutions. The number of pounds I resolve to lose each year seams to increase, not decrease, annually and saving for that BMW I wanted decades ago is no longer appealing to me.  I do however LOVE to plan. I love to fill sticky notes, planners and journals with lists, goals, dreams, wants, thoughts, you get the idea.  However, I find that there is no longer a common thread in my daily, monthly and yearly plans.
I have always been a planner. Did I mention I LOVE to PLAN! It’s been awhile since I have had a 5 year plan. I am not going to make one today because I feel like my life is in transition, again. Interesting, because career wise I am probably more stable than I ever have been. What’s different? My priorities, I guess! That is why I haven’t created a five year plan in a while. When you don’t care about Money, fancy cars or acquiring “things”, what do you “resolve” to do or plan for?  This causes a major problem because I feel a little lost without a “PLAN”. I always had such focus and dedication. I miss having a master plan. I almost always achieved my goals. Now without one? Let’s just say I have been all over the map. I get a lot done but I miss that sense of accomplishment  and purpose that comes with crossing something off my list!
So what’s a crazy, detail loving, goal oriented gal to do? You won’t find me making another 5 year plan just yet but I came up with a list of things I “resolve” to do based on what I care most about right now. I want to spend more time with those I love, do more of what I enjoy, prepare my sons for adulthood and keep my body and brain young. This is how I am going to start.
Resolutions for 2012
  1. Read one book a month
  2. Volunteer 48 hours this year and encourage my boys to volunteer 20 hours
  3. Cook one meal a month with my boys
  4. Date my friends once a month-Not every friend every month but at least one each month
  5. Join a club/group-something active and social
  6. Throw TWO great parties JUST BECAUSE!!!
  7. Spend LESS time with “Negative Nelly’s”
  8. Pick up and Study my dusty Bible
  9. SEW more
  10. Take a class at Community College-I'm thinking a dance class, ceramics (I loved that) or much to choose from.
Good bye 2011, Hello 2012. I look forward to making this year-the year I turn 35- my best YET!!


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Here is a before was actually a week or two into my challenge.

After to follow. I took one but it is at work...i got busy on Christmas eve and forgot to email it to myself. Oops.

Enjoy your loved ones a little more today.