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Mommy Time

When it comes to work I am always, well almost all ways, on top of things!! I show up, do my job, try to anticipate what needs to be done and make it happen. At home, I keep up on what matter most to me, my boys. This mostly entails me nagging them about school, friends, drinking water and other things moms worry about.
So why is it that when it comes to things I do for myself, I fall behind. I often blame my commute, dedication to my sons and the fact that there are ONLY 24 hours in a day. When the boys were little I said "When they go to school I'll have more time for me!!" When they started school I said" I'll have more time when they are in Jr. High". In Jr. High, Well you get the point.
I am happy to just spend every waking moment with my boys but of course they are at the age where they would probably like a break from me anyways. So I decided I should get up off my butt and take the time to do the things I LOVE to do.  "Why is this so important" you ask. Here's why;
  1. Physical activity will improve my health, reduce my stress and make me HAPPY
  2. Hobbies can help reduce stress, keep my brain young/sharp & prevent dementia
  3. Less stress means I will react better in those tough parenting moments
  4. Completing a project gives a little boost to my confidence  
  5. My kids learn how to balance and manage life by watching me
  6. I am a better person and thus a better parent!!!!!
These things aren't true for just me. They are true for you too. So what now? Well I don't know about you but I am going to MAKE time to do more of what I love. Sew, bake, entertain, watch Big Bang Theory with my boys and much more. HMMMM sounds like I may be getting a start on my New Year's resolution.
This Holiday season don't just do what you HAVE to, do what you want to do. Let the laundry wait another day and watch a funny show or movie with the kids. Pull out your canvas, sewing machine, scrapbooking stuff or whatever else you have collecting dust and maybe even make it a family thing (if the kids want of course).
 You'll feel great, I promise. Happy Holidays!!!


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