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Wardrobe Challenge Results

It has been more than 45 days since I began my challenge. Instead of knocking myself for what I haven’t had time to do, I have decided to celebrate my accomplishments even if they are few in number. So what happened, you ask?
Well first, as a result of my blog post, a very good friend e-mailed me with great news. She had some cloths in her garage passed down by a family member that she will not be able to use. Here are the “New to Me” pieces I snagged for FREE!!!!!
Oh yeah, and it was a lot of fun trying on cloths in a hot humid garage while chatting with friends. Really it was!  

I am very proud of the next thing I did during my 45 day challenge.  I did not spend a dime on new cloths for me. This was particularly tough at the beginning of September and October when my pockets were bursting at the seams. Okay, so maybe that never happens but I often do feel like I have more money to spend right after I get paid.  As you can imagine, this false belief can lead to extreme overspending. At first I felt sorry for myself and was regretting making this commitment that came out of nowhere really but then I changed my attitude and did something very different. I began to examine the pieces I coveted and identified what it was about them that I loved. I began to think of ways I could create similar looks with stuff I had at home.

So what’s next? I will schedule a “Naked Lady” party, update at least 5 pieces of clothing and continue to find frugal ways to acquire a new fall wardrobe with VERY little money.  I am very excited. I am already doing great and can’t wait to show you how easy it can be to still look cute and stylish on a limited budget-once I learn how of course J


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Here is a before was actually a week or two into my challenge.

After to follow. I took one but it is at work...i got busy on Christmas eve and forgot to email it to myself. Oops.

Enjoy your loved ones a little more today.

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