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The New Me

It’s been a few weeks now since I chopped more than 15 inches off my hair. This is not the first time I cut my hair short but it is definitely the shortest it has ever been. After giving birth to Christopher I felt like I needed a major change. I wanted to be someone else. At that time my hair was down to my bottom and I cut it up to my shoulders. It worked, I felt like a whole new person which was fitting since I was going through a divorce and trying to forge a new path for myself. I did not miss my hair at all. It felt great to get rid of all that excess baggage. Of course, after a few years I went back to my long wavy hair.
This time was very different. This time, I cut my hair to donate it to a good cause. I love my hair and over the years it has been come a big part of my identity.  I have grown attached to my hair and overall look over the years. It took me months to build up the confidence to get in my car and drive to the hair salon even though I have been planning on doing this for almost a year now. I think I was in shock as the hair dresser cut my pony tail because she kept apologizing. She also spent a lot of time showing me how to style my new do. I think she felt sorry for me. I guess all women can appreciate how hard it can be to change your look.  It took a while, but I am finally got use to the new me. I grieved the loss of my hair for a few days before embracing my new hair style. Now I love it! I’m even wearing make-up to match.
The Day of the cut!
                                  Can you see the tears and puffy eyes?

The other day at work, someone came up to my cubicle and said, “Wow, we have a new person working here!!”  Wouldn’t that be nice if you could just cut or color your hair, maybe get a whole new wardrobe and become a “New Person”? Wait you can!! So here is the new me. The mid-thirties me! By the way, when did I become a "30-something"?


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After to follow. I took one but it is at work...i got busy on Christmas eve and forgot to email it to myself. Oops.

Enjoy your loved ones a little more today.