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Child Support: It's about time!!

As I was sitting there in front of the woman who was helping me, I felt a little embarrassed that it had taken me SO long to take this step. She looked down at the paper and said, “This form is so old I’m having a little trouble reading it” I just looked at her and smiled “yeah I know” then she said “How old are your kids now?”  “13 and 14” I said. As I said that, I felt proud of my boys, sad that it I had not done this for them sooner and mad that I needed to. These feelings were a little overwhelming. I was trying hard to hold back my tears, but when she looked in my eyes, I think she could see the tears trying to break free.

I finally had the information; confidence and time go down to the pro-per clinic to file for wage garnishment of child support payments. It was a good thing I went to get help because the way I was going about filing was all wrong. SO now, I am requesting a modification first then getting back pay.

I left the office feeling quite proud of myself and glad that I made the trip downtown. I was in and out in about 45 minutes. This was a lot less time than I anticipated. As I got in the car, I started to feel very relieved and peaceful. Then a song came on in the car that made me cry. Since it was a rap song, I am sure it was the tears from earlier fighting there way out because I doubt the P-ditty would have that effect on me. However, you never know.

As soon as I got back to the house, I went straight to my computer and completed the forms. It was VERY easy. I downloaded the free forms, filled them in then pressed print! I called my Mom asked her to serve the papers for me. Then I realized I never asked if there was a filing fee. So, I called the pro-per Clinic back. The clerk who answered said, “Are you getting child support services from the county” I said, “NO”, “its 40 bucks then”. Forty Bucks? I only paid $10 to file for my divorce paperwork. Forty bucks may not seam like a lot but when you pay HUNDREDS of dollars to commute to work everyday because of these OUTRAGOUS gas prices, have two teenagers that eat about $750 dollars each month, pay hundreds of dollars for medical care and have kids in your home all week for spring break, 40 bucks is something you can’t spare. So I guess it will have to wait, at least until the boys go back to school next week. Next pay day at the latest.

See links below if you live in California like me and need help getting child support payments started or enforced.


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